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Gutter Products

•  Gutter Guard

•  Gutters & Downspouting

•  Drains

•  Shingles or Metal Roofing

•  Siding


Reasons for Gutter Protection


• a valuable product by channeling water away from your foundation.

• reduces erosion

• prevent water from leaking into the basement

• and protect your exterior painted surfaces.


5 or 6 K-Style Gutter Systems 

Gutter commonly are K-Style. K-Style sizes with a standard range from 5" and 6". The two pictures below gives you the dimensions of both type of gutters. As a general rule:

•  6K Gutters with 3" X 4" Downspouts are recommended for roof areas that exceed 2,800 square feet. In many cases homeowners who use...
•  5K Gutters will utilize 3" X 4" Downspouts to assist in draining if there are trees around their home.

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